Patch 5.2 and PvP gear


Blizzard has announced that the PvP gear is going to undergo big changes. The system used until now made it nearly impossible for new teams and new players to battle their ways into the arena and to get a decent ranking. 

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If there are no changes in between the announcement and the patch going live, the changes will be as follows: 

1) There will be four tiers of gear: 

– Dreadful – ilvl 458 gear – Will be now crafted and not bought with honor points. 

– Malevolent – ilvl 483 gear – Can be bought with honor. It is the gear you now can buy with conquest gear.

– Tyrannical – ilvl 493 gear – Can be bought with conquest points and with honor points in patch 5.3 once they player has earned 27,000 conquest in the season.

– Elite Tyrannical – ilvl 515 gear — Can be bought with conquest points after earning 27,000 conquest points in the season.

2) Maybe you remember the requirements? You could see the vendor had nice weapons or belt, but you had to have an arena rating of blah blah 2200 or 1400 or whatever to have it? Well, this is over. There will no longer be any rating requirement to buy any gear.

So if you are into PvP, stop buying Dreadfull with your honor points. Wait for the patch 5.2 to get live and buy Malevolent when you can. It is now time to go in battleground, battleground and battleground to farm to honor cap (4,000).

If you are on a PvP realm or on a realm where there is many PvP-interested players, this will give a gold-boost to your enchanter, blacksmith, jewelcrafter, tailor… almost whatever profession we are speaking about. (Scorpyo).

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