TomTom is a very useful (and free) add on, that you may have heard of. It provides you with an exact way point and makes it easier for you to find your location. 

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If you haven’t installed it yet, you might want to do it now. It will most likely be of good use to you, especially for other tips. 

You can find most add ons on and you can install them either by downloading them, unzipping them and putting them in your \Interface\addons folder, or, easier, by using the program provided by Curse (the Curse Client). Curse client will search, install, update and remove add ons. The Curse Client is for PC and for Mac and it is free.

TomTom tells you the coordinates on the map, gives you directions and pinpoints an exact location.

If you want to go to a precise location, say 14.78 23.9, then you just have to write in your chat box: /way 14.78 23.9 and Tom Tom will show you the way.

You can be more specific in your pointing: /way Nagrand 45 51 will point the way to Nagrand, at 45,51

You might have Tom Tom installed as a side add on to a leveling guide (many guides use already existing add ons), but you may never have used it by itself. Try to check it by writing some coordinates in the chat box and see if there are any results.

Tom Tom is a very useful add on to help you finding your way around.

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