Get Exalted and a New Mount in Two Hours, or Less


You might have seen people flying around on these flying-saucer kinds of mount. 

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Well, it is called the Red Flying Cloud. It is a very nice mount and you will definitely look cool on it. It is a cheap mount and costs only 600 gold (450 when you have the necessary exalted reputation to buy it). 

You can buy this mount at Tan Shin Tiao and you can find him in Mogu’shan Palace, in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The Palace is right between the Horde’s Shrine of Two Moons and the Alliance’s Shrine of Seven Stars. 

The only thing you need to get this mount, is to get exalted with the Lorewalkers. And that is very easy to do. With the Lorewalkers, you don’t need to make dailies for days and days and days and you don’t need to complete a lot of zone quests. You gain reputation by visiting monuments, completing achievements and hearing stories.

In short, you only need to fly around Pandaria and to click on the monuments that are placed here and there. There are different stories that are cut in parts and you can find these parts lying in some kind of tubes with a halo of blue mist around it. When you have all the parts of a story, you get an achievement and a letter in your mailbox.

The letter is actually a quest.

You hand this quest to the questgiver and you gain gold and reputation. He will also tell you a story. The story you have dug up, actually. When you have enough of those, you get the exalted reputation.

It took me two hours all in all, but I was taking note for this article and fishing in the same time, so I guess you can do it much quicker.

Relic2There are distinct rolls different places. Here is the list of where you can find enough to get you to exalted. The only thing you need to do is to follow the map, go from place to place, click the scrolls (you don’t need to dismount for that) and go to Mogu’shan Palace in order to get your reputation and mount.

You will need something like TomTom or another add on to give you the coordinates. Then you just have to write /way and the coordinates to be pointed out. I have pinpointed the places on the map with a route and if you click on any map, you should be able to see a bigger picture.

You don’t need to start from a special place, you just need to pick them all up. If you miss some, you might be able to get it done if you buy the Grand Commendation of the Lorewalkers (demands revered reputation) that will grant all the characters on the account a 100% reputation gain. 

Have fun!

Vale of Eternal Blossoms



68 44 – Emperor’s Burden. 
26 21 – Together, We Are Strong. 
52 68 – Always Remember. 
40 77 – The Thunder King.


Dread Wastes



35 32 – The Empress.
48 32 – Cycle of the Mantid.
59 55 – Mantid Society.
67 60 – The Deserters.
52 10 – Amber (inside Amber Vault Cave – entrance of the cave is in 54 16).

Townlong Steppes



84 72 – Trapped in a Strange Land.
37 62 – Emperor’s Burden.
65 49 – Dominance.


Kun-Lai Summit



41 42 – Emperor’s Burden.
43 51 – Emperor’s Burden.
44 53 – Ren Yun the Blind.
45 61 – The Hozen Ravage.
50 79 – Yaungol Tactics.
53 46 – Valley of Emperors (in the underground, the area opens at 58 71).
63 40 – Victory in Kun-Lai.
67 48 – Emperor’s Burden.
71 62 – Yaungoil.
74 83 – Role Call.

The Veiled Stair


55 15 – The Defiant (in the cave connecting the zones) 

Valley of the Four Winds


83 21 – Embracing the Passion.
61 34 – Waterspeakers.
55 47 – A Most Famous Bill of Sale.
18 31 – Pandaren Fighting Tactics.
20 55 – The Birthplace of Liu Lang.
34 63 – Wondering Widow.

Krasarang Wilds


32 29 – Last Stand.
30 38 – Origins.
40 56 – Emperor’s Burden.
52 87 – Hozen Maturity.
50 31 – The Lost Dynasty.
72 30 – Waiting for the Turtle.
81 11 – Quan Tou Kuo the Two Fisted.

The Jade Forest



66 87 Watersmithing.
55 56 Emperor’s Burden.
67 29 The Saurok.
42 17 Spirit Binders.
37 30 Xin Wu Yin the Broken Hearted.
35 30 The First Monks.
26 28 Hozen Speech.
47 45 Emperor’s Burden.

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