Express Reputation With the Tillers


Being a farmer can be a very good thing. You can grow vegetables, that you can use to cook with or just to sell on AH. Since many of the feasts available use 50 or 100 of a kind of vegetable, there is, on some realms, a very good market for them. My farmer is becoming very rich because of that. 

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Besides, when your reputation is high enough, you can harvest spirits of harmony, ghost iron, enchanting mats, etc. Also when you work up your reputation, your garden is evolving from four parcels to up to 16 parcels. It gives you a lot of possibilities. 

Now, some Tillers, like I wrote about in this article, are giving you extra possibilities, make your ranch bigger and more exciting and give you even an achievement. So even though you are exalted with the Tillers, it can be a good idea to become best friend with each one of the Tillers. 

You can do so by doing the dailies. And there is, of course, a way to speed it up!

LillyNow, each of the Tillers like to receive gifts. You can ask each of them, what gift they prefer. If you give them the gift, they prefer, you will have instantly +990 reputation with the NPC. If you give him or her something else, you will only get +594 reputation.

After a while, you can get +990 just by giving them some food they like.

The gifts can be harvested from your ranch or from mobs, but they are pretty rare.

But, but, but… There are, all around in Pandaria, something called “Dark Soil”. They are bunches of soil and contain one random gift (bound on pickup). You can fly around and just pick them up for, afterwards, at give them to the different Tillers.

DarksoilmapYou can only pick the gift from the Dark Soil at level 90 (you have one quest, at level 87, that lets you pick one up under the house on the ranch, but this is a one-timer). And when you have worked up your reputation to best friend with every Tiller, you won’t be able to pick these up any longer.

There are places where you can find this Dark Soil, and there is also an add-on that will help you. If you have TomTom installed and this add-on, it will point you to the nearest Dark Soil. Otherwise, you can just ask the add-on to show the Dark Soils to you on the map and the mini map.>

The add-on’s name, which can be downloaded from is simply “Dark Soil”.

Personally, I don’t use it. The Dark Soils don’t respawn exactly at the same place, so your card is pretty messy. I find it easier to just fly around the areas where there is Dark Soils.

In order to do that, and to be able to see the Dark Soils easier, you will have to change your graphic settings (just while you are looking for them, they will stick out and be much easier to spot).

ClutterSo you have to go in the menu: ESC => Graphics and under the part “Environment”, change the “Ground Clutter” to “Low”.

Then you can just follow the circuit I am showing you below and pick up the gifts.

Here are the different Tillers and which gift they prefer as well as which food they want.

With a bit of concentrated work, you should be able to get a lot of best friends in just a few hours of gaming.

Here are each Tiller’s location in Valley of the Four Winds (they are not all in Halfhil), their favorite food and gift:

– 53.6 52.6 – Jogu the drunk – Sauteed Carrots – Lovely Apple
– 29.5 30.6 – Sho – Eternal Blossom Fish – Lovely Apple
– 53.2 51.8 – Gina Mudclaw – Swirling Mist Soup – Marsh Lily
– 48.3 33.8 – Farmer Fung – Wildfowl Roast – Marsh Lily
– 41.7 30.0 – Fish Fellreed – Twin Fish Platter – Jade Cat
– 31.5 58.1 – Ella – Shrimp Dumplings – Jade Cat
– 45.1 33.8 – Tina Mudclaw – Fire Spirit Salmon – Ruby Shard
– 44.6 34.1 – Haohan Mudclaw – Charbroiled Tiger Steak – Ruby Shard
– 34.4 46.8 – Chee Chee – Valley Stir Fry – Blue Feather
– 30.9 53.1 – Old Hillpaw – Braised Turtle – Blue Feather

Here are the best places to find Dark Soil throughout Pandaria. Please, keep in mind that the Dark soils are not exactly on the line. It is approximate (click on the map to see it in a bigger version).

The best place is the Valley of the Four Winds. There is not only a route to follow, but a whole area in which you can find a lot of Dark Soil very quickly (even though there is a lot of concurrence generally).

Valley of the Four Winds


The Dread Wastes
Minisoildread wastes map1


The Jade Forest


Krasarang Wilds


Kun Lai Summit


Townlong Steppes


Vale of the Eternal Blossoms
Minisoilvale of the eternal blossoms map

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