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Website reviewed: Dynasty’s Edge

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One of Dynasty’s add on is called Edge. It is an in-game advisor about talents, glyphs and rotations.

According to Dynasty, Edge is a personal talent and glyph advisor, and it works in three easy steps:

1. Select your class.
Done! I chose my mage, whom I just double spec’ed to try the product.

2. Choose what you want to do.
Done. Since they don’t have “kill dwarves”, I chose the next best: “PvP”.

3. Pick your spec.
Done. Since my other talent tree is frost, I chose “fire”

And then…

…. Then I got three kinds of advice. 

First advice is a window cut in four part: Description, Pros, Cons and Strategy.  

Edge's advice

Description: Is a short description of your class and advice about talents and glyphs.

Pros: Describes the positive side of this class and spec.

Cons: Describes the negative side of this class and spec.

Strategy: Gives you your stats’ priority, the best way to reforge, the best rotation against one or multiple targets or (for PvP) a bit about spell priority and strategy (since there is not really any rotation in PvP).

I have especially seen on the PvP side and I can say that the advices are valuable and correct. Of course, I do not do exactly that, and it is difficult to advise a PvP player because it is more depending on the style of the person. Even though I didn’t agree with all their advice, it is not because they are wrong, but just because I have another playstyle. As a rule of thumb and in general, the advice is accurate and can be followed, at first, until you find your own style.

On the PvE side, the advise is also totally correct. Also there, of course, you will find people who prefer to use another kind of rotation or talents, but it doesn’t mean that Manaview is wrong on this one.

Then you have advice about talents and glyphs.

A lot of nice advice. 

Okay, so I pressed on the “Auto Spec” button.

Nothing happened.

Pressed again and again… Yes, the button flashes, but no talent is selected. I clicked and alternated between Auto Spec and Manual Spec. Nothing at all.

It seems the buttons are not activated. So you have to read their advice to choose from… But for the PvP section, it doesn’t say much. They do tell you what the different choices will do, but no advice about which one to choose or why.

Okay, PvP can be a bit tricky… So I switched to PvE… and well… Nothing happened either.

In the former version, if you already talented and glyphed and if your choices are corresponding to their advice, you could see a little green cross near the corresponding talent. If not, you could see a red cross near the talent you have chosen and a green cross near the one they would advise you to choose. 

I tried to switch back to my main spec to see if Edge would register my talents and glyphs and advise me. 

Nope. Nothing of the kind.

So Edge give you a bit of advise which might or might not be of some use and except from that, you are on your own.

If you buy the product alone, it will cost you $20, which in my opinion is much too expensive for a few advice and a nonworking button. But it is part of the Dynasty suite (four add ons for $77) and as a little extra, it is an okay add on.

Because of the expensive price for the alone add-on and because of the buttons not working, I will only give three stars to Edge instead of four. You can buy this add on here.

My rating: 4 stars (3/5 stars)

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