Fly in Eversong Woods or on Azuremyst Isle


Like you might have seen, there are a couple of places where it is impossible to fly, for example, in Eversong Woods (Blood Elves’ starting area) and on Azuremyst Isle (Draeneis’ starting area). 

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This can be boring if you go for the explorer title and have to ride through (when *I* got my explorer titles, we had to ride all over the places on Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom, so don’t complain), or if someone from the opposite faction is attacking a starting area, he might have been gone before the time you arrive there with your high level. 

It’s much funnier to see their surprise when you catch up with them, riding, while you are flying at 310%…

Well, there is a trick:

– Pick up a mount that can be used riding or flying.
– Mount.
– Log off.
– Log on.

And you are flying.

Please note that you will be dismounted if you try to enter Silvermoon city or the Exodar and that you cannot fly all over the places. There are kind of “buffer zones” close to limits of the map and you will hit some kind of “invisible wall”. If you try to force your way through, you will be dismounted.

But you can fly most of the places, and it will give you a little advantage in some cases.

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