WoW Names Generator – Find a Name to Your Character

What will you call your new blood elf priest? Or human paladin? Or even worgen mage?

Decisions, decisions, and a name means a lot. It tells a lot about your character, and to get into the right mood of the surroundings and the play, it’s important to choose wisely.

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So if you don’t speak fluent Thalassian, here’s some help for you to find your next character name. And you’ll even know beforehand, if your name is available or not.

Use the WoW Names Generator

At the WoW Names Generator, you can choose your race, and in the next window, specify gender and the server, you’re playing on.


You can immediately see, whether the name is available or not, but beware that the generator cannot see characters below level 10, so even if you find a name that looks available, it might be taken already.


As you can see, even non-available names are shown, which is great, because if you really, really desire to have one of those names, you can go ahead and change it a bit, like adding an “h” to the end, or switching a “y” to an “i”. I don’t recommend putting odd signs over the characters (ó, ò, ë, é, etc.), because it makes is much more difficult for your friends to write your name. And it sometimes even looks stupid, when somebody has a name filled with accents. Be creative. If your name is take, invent or find another one, if you cannot do it with just a tiny change.

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