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Venus BlackScorpyo

You might know The Birth of Venus, from the great renaissance painter, Sandro Botticelli. A really nice painting actually. 

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Well, this has inspired Blizzard so you can get your own “birth in a shell”: You appear naked in a big sea-shell, just like The Birth of Venus. The only thing you have to do, is to kill a mob. 100 % drop rate and easy soloed. 


First thing first: Move to the Dread Wastes, at 27.40 16.20.

There, at the bottom of the sea, you will find a gigantic clam, called Gokk’lok. It is a yellow mob, so it won’t attack you and there are no dangerous mobs around.

When you arrive near the mob, you get a buff, so you can breathe underwater. You don’t need to worry about getting up to get fresh air.

Then, you can just begin to hit the clam. Be prepared for a long and boring fight. Gokk’lok has 16,301,000 HP (yes, 16 million!) and is not doing anything at all. It just stands there and opens up little by little.

Well, it does a bit: He will spawn ads, which will attack you. Some of the mobs are normal mobs, some other are elites.

When the mob is around half health, he will spawn some sea-horses which hit very very hard. First, he will spawn two normal sea horses, then an elite one. Even the normal ones are hurting you a lot.

To be honest, they got my rogue in a matter of a few second (a fresh level 90, not very well geared yet). If you die, Gokk’lok resets and you can start all over again. If you have stealth ability, don’t vanish or shadowmeld out because it will reset him as well (guess how I found out).

GokklokThen, when Gokk’lok dies, you will see a quest appearing: Promises of Gold. You receive 34.20 gold and Gokk’lok’s Shell just by handing it in (not very far from where you killed Gokk’lok). Note that Gokk’lok resets instantly so he is ready for another fight right after you killed him.

Gokk’lok’s Shell is making you appear naked in its shell, like the birth of Venus. It holds 2 minutes and has a 30 minutes cool down.

Note that even though you appear naked, you are not naked and still have your gear on, so if you get attacked, you can perfectly well defend yourself.

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