How to Get the Cloud Serpent Mount

BlackScorpyo on her Cloud Serpent

You might have seen people on those mounts throughout Azeroth. They are indeed very cool and nice. Even with riding at 310 %, you kind of feel you are slowly gliding through the air. 

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They are, in fact, very easy to get. My first mount took me a couple of days of grinding (maybe three because there were some things I had to find out) and for my other toons, it took me less than 8 hours. And it was on a very populated server with a lot of competition. 

Before you can ride this mount, you need to have learnt the Cloud Serpent Riding ability. And you can only get it by becoming exalted with the order of the Cloud serpent.

That means that, even though all your toons have this mount in common, only those who have the Cloud Serpent Riding ability will be able to use it.

So exaltation is a must. But by becoming exalted with the order of the cloud serpent, you get your mount and the riding for free, so… everything is great.

The hunt for this mount reminds a bit (a lot!) of the hunt for the Netherwing Drake and of the quests for the Venomsaur or Wintersaber mount.

The serpents are on an island, Windless Isle, which is right beside the place where you start (the arboretum in the Jade Forest) and you see your pet grow.

Getting exalted with those guys is pretty easy:

You have to be level 90 to start.

Fly to the Arboretum and seek out Elder Anli who will provide you with Wild Things.

Head to Windward Isle and visit Instructor Tong to get:

– Beating the Odds
– Empty Nests
– Egg Collection

Once completed, Instructor Tong will allow you to choose an egg (Be careful, this is the mount colour you will end up with!)

Pick up The Rider’s Journey and head back to The Arboretum, egg in hand to receive It’s A… and unlock your hatchling.

Onyx2Your hatchling will provide you with at least two daily quests.

After completing these dailies, a third daily quest will become available from Elder Anli.

Once you reach Revered status, first thing you will have to do is to buy the commendation so you get 100% reputation gain on all your characters (cross realm, cross faction).

Then, you will be sent to meet with Instructor Windblade who will provide you with racing dailies.

But to be honest, I only did this once and got exalted shortly after, so I never did it “daily”.

You also have daily quests based on the secondary professions: Snack Time (Fishing), Fragments of the Past (Archaeology), Just a Flesh Wound (First Aid), and A Feast for the Senses (Cooking). They do not provide you with many points, though, so if you don’t have the mats for, for example, cooking, it is rarely worth buying it.

Now, besides the quest, on Windless Isle, you will find eggs, Onyx eggs. You can pick them up for reputation. When you have the commendation, each egg will give you 1000 reputation (more if you have guild perk and even more as a human). So, very often, picking up a 6 to 10 eggs is enough to get to the exalted status.

These eggs do not sparkle and do not attract your attention. You have to be very attentive to find them.

When you reach the exalted status, you will se a very touching ceremony and will be able to ride on your cloud serpent.

Good luck!

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