Tycoon from Manaview – A Review

Manaview - Tycoon

My rating: 2 stars – Website reviewed: Manaview’s Edge

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In the Manaview suite, you also have the possibility to buy the Gold-making add on: Tycoon. Tycoon costs $37. 

According to Manaview, there are only three easy steps to follow to become rich: 1) Choose your gold method from Farming, Crafting, Gathering, or Playing the AH. 2) Scan the AH and Tycoon will reveal the best way to make the most gold in the least amount of time based on your server’s economy. 3) Tycoon will provide powerful tools to speed up the gold making process. 

Does it work? I have tested it for several weeks.

Tycoon has four modules:

– Auction House: locates the underpriced items and tell you which one you could buy and resell for profit.

– Farming module: Gives you a list of the most profitable items to farm and show you grind spots.

– Crafting module: Gives you a list of items to craft. It will tell you how much it will cost for you to buy mats and how much it sells on your server, so how much profit you can make.

– Gathering module: Gives you list of items and where to farm them.

AuctionAuction House
Now, one very important thing that is not said about Tycoon in the ad, is, that you need the add-on Auctioneer or Auctionator for Tycoon to work. Tycoondoes not scan the Auction House and do not gather data of any kind. Its job will be to present the existing data of Auctioneer or Auctionator in another way.

Since Tycoon doesn’t use existing data from Auctioneer and Auctionator, you have to rely on the scans you have done after installation of Tycoon.

Tycoon will then give you the average price of some different objects, how much they cost on AH now, and you can see one week back in time and at what prices these objects were on sale. From that, Tycoon will tell you that by buying and reselling this or that, you will make so and so much profit.

… Problem is: It is far from true.

Because some objects have been on sale for high prices in AH, it doesn’t mean they got sold for that price, and if you don’t have a really good idea of how much things cost and don’t cost and to which price they sell on your server, you just can’t use this advice for anything.

Since you can’t sort the list (most to less profitable, etc.), it makes it a bit difficult to get a glance of what are the best buy.

You can just as well use Auctioneer, let it show you a list of underpriced items and buy them.

Farming moduleFarming Module

The farming module should give you a list of the most “profitable items to farm”.

Be aware that the data is inaccurate. The most profitable items to farm will not necessarily be the most profitable anyway. In this case, you should rely on your own observation and experience. BUT you can very well use the farming module for inspiration.

If Tycoon tells you that there is good profit in Windwool cloth, then first, check if it is true. If it is true, you can use the route advised by Tycoon to get a bunch of it pretty quick.

So the farming module is something of a mix: Very good to plan a route, but imprecise to tell you what to farm. Always double check yourself.

CraftingCrafting Module
This module is pretty useless. It will not pick recipes from your book to show you what would be best for you to make for maximum profit.

It will just show you a list of existing recipes, how much mats will cost you (,but it is very imprecise since not all mats can be found into the AH) and how much you will sell for.

The crafting module has a number of fixed recipes, and it doesn’t take into account your level, the level of your crafting and if you have the recipe at all.

In short, you will be better off by finding out of this yourself with the help of Auctionator: Just a click on the AH button that appears in your recipe book while you have the AH open will show you a list of all the mats and how much they cost.

RouteGathering Module
The garthering module, once again shows you the supposed “most profitable items to farm” and where to find them.

It bumps into the same problem than the other modules: You cannot trust the profit Tycoon tells you. You have to have a good idea of what you want to farm first.

Then, Tycoon will show you a map with a farming route, just like the farming module. You can follow the route and gather.

For this module, just like the farming module, you can, of course, find this kind of maps for free many places, but it is easier to fly or ride around and check your ingame map instead of having to alt-tab-check every 20 seconds.

I have tried many of the routes and, just like for the farming route, they are pretty okay. The only thing I missed was a kind of “arrow” on the line so you much easier find your way back and in the right direction if you go a bit astray. But you can live without it.

All in all, this add-on is acceptable, and if you are very bad at business, even the AH-module is better than nothing.

Since it is an okay product, I wanted to give it three stars, but for $37, it is only worth two.

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