A Faster Route to “Vial of the Sands”


Who isn’t dreaming about uncovering this dusty old recipe from an ancient canopic jar from Uldum?

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Well, the problem is that Blizzard made it very difficult indeed to get this recipe that makes you able to brew a concoction that turns you into a dragon.

First, you have to raise your skills in archeology to at least 525.

Next, you have to be an alchemist to use the recipe, should you find it.

And that’s no easy task, because you would have to find one of the 2% of the jars that contains the recipe. And first you have to find the jar – it shows up rarely. Oh, and before you can get the jar, you must have a dig site in Uldum, and that happens rarely.

There is one secret, though, that can make it a tiny bit easier for you to find the recipe. And I’ll tell you what that is.

BuyTolVir Instead of waiting for a dig site to spawn in Uldum, you could use one of the many spots already available in Pandaria.

The thing is that when you collect white items from Pandaria,  you can vendor them for gold, or you can take them to Brann Bronzebeard, the archaeology trainer from the Mogo’Shan Palace and get a crate of Tol’Vir fragments instead.

Yes, it means a little more digging, because you would have to get 30-35 fragments for one Pandarian artifact, and then turn these into 6-9 fragments to collect Tol’Vir artifacts. But it’s better than waiting for dig sites to spawn in Uldum. And besides, the distances between dig sites in Pandara are shorter than in Kalimdor.

Another advantage of digging in Pandaria is that once in a while a mob will spawn, and you can loot fragments from it, after you’ve killed it. The mob is called an Ancient Haunt.

You still need some luck to find the recipe, though.


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