Completing the Daily Farming Quest And Still Use All Your Slots for Other Crops

Daily farmer 4

I don’t know about you, but growing cabbage one day and leek the following is not my idea of running a successful farm in World of Warcraft.

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And yet, that’s what we’re asked to do as farmers in Pandaria.

I would much rather use all my 16 slots to grow Motes of Harmony, and make the most out of the seed bags, than use one of them to grow random crops.

And luckily, I found a way to eat the cake and still have it.

This is how you do.

First, you take the daily quest from Farmer Yoon, and then you buy the seed you need to complete the quest.

Daily farmer 5

After you’ve tilled the soil, and planted the seed, make sure you take care of whatever is hindering its growth, and then turn in your quest.

Afterwards, get the shovel which you can find to the right of your field.

Dig up the pumpkin or whatever the daily quest told you to sow, and then till the soil and prepare it for the real thing.

Now you can use your seed bags, if you got them, and sow four seeds at a time without losing a seed to the spot that was originally occupied by the daily quest crop.

This gives you more of your chosen crops in faster time.

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