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My rating: 5 stars –  Website reviewed: Skill-Capped

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Now, I was playing WoW from a bit before Wrath of the Lich King went out until Cataclysm. I actually got the patch 4.0 which was so buggy, so I couldn’t even fly in Northrend: I was disconnected every 10 seconds (and NO, this is not just an expression) and couldn’t get back in, so I had to ask a Game Master to help me… In this case, they put me back in Stormwind or in Shattrath, I had to HS to Dalaran and try to fly again… And disconnect… These and other technical problems did that I canceled my account right before Cataclysm went live. 

I only came back in December 2012 and even though I had canceled my account, my girls weren’t deleted. I found all my nine level 80 and my level 78 plus the myriad of low levels I had. 

But… Many things changed. The talent system was very very different. The stats used were very very different. I never heard of Mastery before, for example and PvP Power? What’s that? So my Death Knight, for instance, was filled with Strength enchants and gems and all…

Of course, I don’t tell you how I did in PvP! I was pwned by almost everything, whatever class I was playing I had the impression that DK, rogue, mage, priest, shaman, warrior and paladin had been nerfed…

Then I thought, when my Death Knight got pwned: Oh dear, they really have OP the mage/rogue/priest – Then I played my mage or priest or rogue or… and got pwned again… Then I thought: If those classes are OP except when I play them… That must mean that ** I ** have a problem!

So it was by chance, while browsing videos and relearning the game, that I found Skill-Capped, which is a homepage that has been around since March 2010.

In fact, I found one of their free videos, that you can find over YouTube, and from there, I found the homepage.

SkillcappedOn the homepage, you will find videos, text and forums where you can ask questions or precisions (and they do answer!). The videos are of very high quality (720p HD or even 1080p HD).

Obviously, it looks like the contributors make their video, say what has to be said and send it to Skill-Capped which work on it, adds text, animations, pictures of buttons, adds music and titles.

So all the videos have the same build, lay out, pedagogy and the same principles. Very nice when you have to find your way around. Just by reading the description, you know exactly what you are going to get.

You can find each contributor, click on their name and see what they have done of videos or text, you can see their UI, their add-ons, their macros and come in direct contact with them if you want or need to.

The guides are in different categories. You can go to a Class Guides and see all the videos, forum and text relative to this class.

For each class, you will find an explanation of the best gear, best enchants, stats priority, glyphs… Everything. And it is written in English: meaning, you don’t have to be a no-lifer to understand what they explain (besides, if you don’t understand something, you can just ask, and you will get an answer very quickly, most of the time, the same day).

You have duel guides, that really do need to be updated, though, and which explain to you the mechanics of different class: If you are a mage and you are fighting a rogue, what do you have to think about, what do you have to be careful with, what to do, what not to do. The quality of the duel guides differs a lot from video to video, though, they are not necessarily all good.

For each class, you will have guides about how to do damage, or protect yourself or dominate in battleground, and arenas, plus a lot of other things. 

Skill-capped isn’t only about arena, pfew, how great! I am so tired of all these “arena-only places,” you can’t really use their advice in world PvP or battleground or rated battleground. Skill-capped actually offers you these alternatives.

When I check a new class on skill capped, for example, monk, then, after a couple of videos, I just go and play monkmonkmonk (even though my favorite class is rogue). Then I see their videos about the hunter, and then I take my dusty hunter forth, re-gear her and play hunterhunterhunter (even though my favorite class is rogue). Oh, they have videos about warrior, let’s see. So much of an inspiration that I play warriorwarriorwarrior (even though my favorite class is… oh, you know?)

Skill-Capped is working as a subscription system, you pay each month for the possibility of logging in and seeing all videos, reading all texts and writing and reading as many forum posts as you want.

The price is $4.95 monthly, if you want to pay monthly. If you want to pay for three months, this will cost you $13.49 ($4.49 a month), and if you want to pay for 6 months, it will cost $24 (well… you can divide that by yourself, can’t you?).

I paid for 6 months and didn’t regret it at all. The best $4 a month I ever gave for anything (and now you know how much $24 for 6 months is for a month!).

Personally, I am very impressed by Skill-Capped and I use them constantly. It has become my bible. And yes, to answer your question, I can feel it on my PvP game. I am back to what I was before… in meaner, and more dangerous. My game has improved a lot.

I wanted to give only four stars out of five to Skill-Capped because of their outdated duel section, but since they update everything else very very regularly, since they provide an excellent advice, since they are very active, I will give them five stars (but might remove one if nothing happens on the duel section, though).

You can experience Skill-Capped from here.

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