Title: Master of the Ways


When I was in Stormwind with my Night Elf (sometimes I go there with my Blood Elf rogue, but that is something else) a couple of days ago, someone whispered me: Hey! How do you get this title (Master of the Ways)? Then I thought: I’d better write a tip about that. I never thought of it, actually.

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Well, the title is in fact pretty easy to get, once you know how: Cooking, on Pandaria is unlike from what we knew before.

Now, there are different “Ways” for your cooking: Way of the Steamer, Way of the Wok, etc. I have written a tip about this subject. You can find it here: http://wowtipstricks.com/439

Your cooking will always be the same than where your maximum cooking is. If you have, for example, 545 in Way of the Steamer and 575 in Way of the Wok, then your overall cooking will be of 575.

Since, in cooking, when you make the different banquets, they all have the same stats, it is enough to level one of them to 600. Generally, people level Way of the Brew because you only need vegetables to make it, and you can easily get them from your ranch or from AH. You don’t need to go and farm meat, fish or anything else.

However, if you bother to level the different ways to 600, then you get an achievement, called “Master of Pandaren Cooking” and a title: Master of the Ways.

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