Get the Raven Lord Mount

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You might have seen people on this mount, looking like a big blue bird. Well, be happy because it is a mount very easy to get. 

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This mount, which is called the Raven Lord, is a drop from a boss in Shethekk Halls.

You will find Shethekk Halls in Auchindoun in Terokkar Forest (east entrance). If you take this dungeon in heroic mode, and heroic mode only, then you will get one extra boss. He is on the first floor, on your way to the final boss (Talon King Ikiss). He is the “extra boss” right before Ikiss.


You can’t miss him. He is a big blue bird standing there. He is called Anzu. If you have a class able to stealth, you can just stealth to him (generally you have to take the first boss as well since he sees through stealth and you will most likely aggro him).

When you have killed Anzu, the Raven Lord might drop. There is a drop rate of about 1.6 % so you might have to take the dungeon a couple of times before it drops.

The dungeon, in heroic mode, can only be taken once a day.

Sethekk Halls will reset at 08:00 AM (server time) for European servers and at 10:00 AM (server time) for US servers. Good luck!

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