Banquet for Five?


If you are leveling your cooking, you might have noticed it: When you arrive at around 575, the only thing you can do to level up is to make banquets. 

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Now, for each specialization, you will have one banquet leveling you 5 points and another leveling you 8 points. 

Let’s take Way of the Brew, for example.

Many, who just want to level one way will choose this one since you don’t need to go fishing or killing mobs to get meat, you only need Green Cabbage and Witchberries that you can have your ranch or buy in the AH (and 100 Year Soy Sauce, of course).

Now, you can make Banquet of the Brew for 5 points or Great Banquet of the Brew for 8 points.

Since we are used to that something worth 3 points will use 3 x more than something giving 1 point, we don’t think much about that… And yet… Try to make some calculation.

Let’s say you are at 575 and need to go to 600.

That will be 5 Banquets of the Brew or… 4 Great Banquets of the Brew. That will mean one 100 Year Soy Sauce extra only (you can buy it with a token so you might have to do one more quest).

And except from that? Well let’s see some number:

For one Banquet of the Brew, you will need 50 Green Cabbages and 50 Witchberries. Meaning 250 of each to go from 575 to 600.

For one Great Banquet of the Brew, you will need 100 Green Cabbages and 100 Witchberries. Meaning 400 of each to go from 575 to 600.

I would say it is worth one extra 100 Year Soy Sauce, no?

So be careful and remember to count, everything isn’t like it seems in business… In WoW either!

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