How to Level Up Without Questing

Leveling without questing? Yes, that’s possible. 

Of course, it’s fun to have a low-level character. I love to create a new alt from time to time myself, just for the joy of being low level again and do easy quests. 

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However, sooner or later, you’ll want to level up. 

Questing works fine… You get experience points (XP) by killing mobs and especially for turning in quests. But if you’re like me then you also get tired of questing and want to do something else. 

So why not do something that helps you level up at the same time?

Here are a few ways you can do that:

Pet Battles
Winning one pet battle in an area where the mobs are at your level means a lot of XP. I noticed that I got two or three times as many XPs in Mount Hijal by winning a pet battle compared to turning in a quest.

I spoke with a person who’d leveled up from 40-55 entirely by doing pet battles. And you can catch a lot of new pets at the same time. So this is a very funny way to level without questing.

Learn archeology, and go on a digging spree. You’ll earn a lot of XP while finding rare and not-so-rare artifacts.

Gathering Professions
When you have mining, skinning and herbalism, you get XP for each gather you do, even when you gather something that’s grey.

This is not the fastest way to level up, but you can make a ton of gold while doing it. And it’s so good for your muscles 😉

Running Dungeons
If you’re a PvE guy, you’ve probably already tried this tip. Running dungeons can get you from lvl 10 to 90. You’ll not learn any PvP along the road, but if that’s not for you anyway, dungeons are an option.

Going Battlegrounds
You can join your first battleground at level 10, and they will give you XP, especially if you win, and particularly if you join the battleground, which is the “Call to Arms” battleground of the time.

This will give you plenty of PvP experience and honor points to buy PvP gear. You’ll get in trouble for what the rest of your gear matters, unless you have a profession which allows you to make your own gear. Or know a guildie who can make it.

Now Go and Level Up Your Char

You should now have several options to pick from, so all you need to do now is to get started.

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