Bank Alt Names – A Day in the Life of an AH Char

World of Warcraft 64

(Picture: One of Scorpyo’s several “Lilscorpyo”)

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What do you call your bank alt? 

One way to name him or her would be to take your own real name, say Hugo, and add “bank” to it. 

Bingo: Hugobank 

Not very original, and not the method I suggest you use. 

And no, I don’t recommend that you use your main character’s name either and add bank or AH. 

That’s not a name. That’s a description. 

“And why should I not?”, you may ask. 

There are several reasons.

One of them is that it’s ridiculously easy for other business people to see that this is a noob who’d made a bank alt, so you should look out for him to get some good bargains, like things for sale below vendor price. Or maybe stay away from buying, because your prices are way too high.

Another reason is that it looks stupid and noobish.

It’s totally out of question if you’re on a role playing server, by the way.

So you could choose normal WoW names for your bank alt.

If you have a problem remembering who your bank alt is, if he just carries a normal name, you could make it a bit different. Like translating the word money or gold to a foreign language that are only used by a few. Choose one that sounds WoWish, though, or your bank alt would still stand out in the auction house as well.

While I was playing Rift, I had a bank alt called “Kessef” (“silver” or “money” in Hebrew). Her minion was called “Ein Odef” which means “no change”. In WoW, I have one called Zahav, which means “gold” in Hebrew. Only one player has noticed that so far, but I always know that this is my bank alt, because my other chars have Thalassian inspired names.

I’ve also seen a bank alt named Goldstein.

Scorpyo have had several Lilscorpyos, but she always ends up by leveling them.

And could you do that if your bank alt was named Hugobank?

So do your bank alt and yourself a favor and come up with a real name for him/her.

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