How to Get Mr. Grubbs


Mr. Grubbs is a maggot pet and he is actually very easy to get, especially if you have a high level.

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First of all, you will need to head to the Eastern Plaguelands. Most precisely passed the bridge that joins the Western and Eastern Plaguelands.

On the Eastern Plaguelands side of the bridge, on your right, you’ll see a female Worgen named Fiona.

Fiona is moving around, so if you don’t find her at the bridge, look at her other known locations (see the map at the bottom of this article).

Fiona will have two quests for you. Pick them up. It leads you to two NPCs and you will have to do all the quests they have. At a high level, it doesn’t take very long.

After that head back to Fiona and check her caravan. You should see a blue question mark over it. Click on it. You will see a choice of buff to take. Select the Lucky Charm.


It will give you a buff that helps you get Hidden Stash to drop from many mobs in Eastern Plaguelands.

Then you can just farm mobs anywhere and, when they drop a stash, open it. Mr. Grubb will be in one of them.

There are different easy spots, where you can find a bunch of mobs to kill, but try the Undercroft or Corin’s Crossing. Many mobs, quick respawn and you will get your new pet in a matter of minutes.

FionaHere are Fiona’s possible locations.


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