Bank Alt Gear – A Day in the Life of an AH Char


(Picture: Mazzie, one of Scorpyo’s bank alt. It was originally a Lilscorpyo, but she got leveled up)

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What do you give your bank alt to wear?

Of course, if you’re not roleplaying the least, you could just leave him with the gear he was born with. Maybe remove his sword, though…

But you know how it is with business? Money attracts money. And if you can dress up your AH char to look his finest, then it’s because business is good. And when business is good, it gets better.

Now, there is a problem, though, because your AH char will most likely be level 1, or at least low level, and it’s limited what you can get for him or her.

Tuxedo, of course. You can get that during the Noblegarden season in an egg or find it in AH. If you don’t want to chase eggs, search in AH either during the Noblegarden season or right after, and you will find plenty of Tuxedos for next to nothing.

Martial Shirts: They are probably the most sexy shirts you can get in WoW. The Orange one is the cheapest, if you can sew it yourself, and then there are plenty of other colors for sale in Dalaran for around 40 gold a piece.

If your AH char is female, you could give her a nice dress. The Elegant Dress from Noblegarden looks lovely. 

Dress Shoes – work best with dark clothes, since they are black.

Haliscan Set: If you like dark clothes, then go for the Haliscan set. A tailor can make a jacket and pantaloons. There’s a Haliscan Hat, too, in the game, but that’s for higher levels.

High Society Top Hat: Get it for a fortune in AH, get lucky with Blingtron, or send out your tailor to kill rare elites and seahorses to get it (the recipe is bound on pickup).

Diamond-Tipped Cane: This cane looks so elegant, and the diamond at the end sends out sparkles. Send your main out to do the fishing quests in Dalaran, or find it in AH. Your bank alt will thank you (maybe).

Noble’s Monocle: This monocle drops from another fishing quest, the one in Shattrath, so use an alt who’s at least level 70 and send him out fishing. Or get them in AH.

Ruby Shades: You cannot get these googles anymore, unless you find them in AH. Be prepared to pay a fortune, then.

What special gear are your AH char wearing? Tell me about it in the comments.

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