Who Are His Alts?


Sometimes, for some reasons, you would like to know if a certain player has alts. 

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It could be good to know if these alts are on the same realm, of the same faction, who they are and what they are. 

Of course, you can’t ask Blizzard about that. Well, you can, but I doubt, they will ever tell you. 

There is actually a way of knowing anyway. Not 100 % sure for some reasons that I will explain in a minute, but you might get a hint of the other character a certain player has, which realms they are on, which race, class and level they are.

Take a look at the homepage called WoWProgress. It is a page which registers the progress of all the guilds in WoW, Europe and US. They are the largest guild database (they say they have registered over 700,000 guilds). They register the achievements and guild achievement in World of Warcraft. 

Well, now: You remember that when you get certain achievements, all your characters get the same achievement. Some achievements are account wide.

Since WoWProgress registers all these achievement, when they register that this, this and that character got the same achievement at the exact same time, there are reasons to believe that they are bound to the same account, and they get registered.

As a result, you can just type any name of any character from any realm in the homepage and chances are, that you will see this character’s alts.

There are a couple of restrictions, though.

First of all, some characters aren’t registered, for some reason: They never were online or the achievement didn’t get registered or there are doubts about what account this character is related to. In this case, you won’t see it.

Second: Anyone can register on the website and deactivate the registering of alts. Meaning that, of course, the achievements still are registered, but anyone checking your characters out won’t see who are the alts.

Of course, no one can do fake it for you: When you register and want to pick up an account with some characters, WoWProgress will ask you to log on one of the characters and to take out some pieces of your armor, for example, your helmet, your gloves and one specific ring. Then you log out, wait that WoWarmory refreshs and let WoWprogress check it again. If you have done it right, WoWProgress will assume that this is indeed your character(s) and you can ask them not to show who your alts are.

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Neil Roy - November 27, 2014

Another item to watch for is the 3 pets the player has. They are account wide so if you check for the same achievement points + same 3 pets (and pet levels, rarity), than you can more easily find alts as the odds have having the exact same achievement points and the same three pets at the same level and rarity would be pretty low.


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