Get The Tiny Emerald Whelpling

Tiny Emerald Whelpling

The Tiny Emerald Whelpling is a very cute pet which can be farmed.

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Now, have in mind that it might take an average of 1,000 kills (but that, of course, you can have it in one of your first kills).

All you have to do is to kill the Noxious Whelps in north-east Feralas (close to the border of Desolace), one of them will eventually drop the whelpling. 


Now, since there is a pretty low drop rate, it might be easier for you to use this time to farm flowers or mining or whatever, sell them in AH and just buy the whelping. But there are a couple of plusses if you want to farm it yourself:

– If you do this with a skinner, you will get a bunch of leather to sell on AH for a lot of gold.

– There is an extra pet that drops from the mobs: the Sprite Darter. However, it is a very very very rare drop. Alliance can get it from a quest, but if you are hordie, this is the only way to get it (or to roll an Alliance time to get the quest, of course).

– You will most likely get a drop called “Distress Beacon”. It is a quest that will lead you to another pet: The Mechanical Chicken.

Three good reasons to do the farming yourself, right?

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