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It is no secret that Nimrasil and I are more interested in PvP than in PvE. Nim even more than me as I do play on PvE realms (sissy-realms as she calls them) each second day.

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Sometimes, when I have to concentrate on finding tips and tricks or to experiment with things, I don’t like having to be paranoid about getting ganked or killed. I’d rather concentrate on whatever I am doing.

My add-ons are mostly oriented PvP and business. I have very few PvE add-ons.

I don’t use recount or DeadlyBossMod or anything like that. I will here give you a few tips about some PvP add-ons I have and that I use regularly. I will not speak about all the PvP add-ons I use, because it will be too long, just a few of them.

I might write one or two more tips about these if needed.


BattlegroundTargets: This very simple add-on gives you a movable enemies unit frame, which is totally configurable. You will have a whole list with the names of the enemies, their function (tank, heal, dps), their class and specialization, how much health they have and who is carrying the flag. How many heal, tanks and dps are in your team and in their team.

If you click on an enemy’s frame, you will target him. Very helpful add on. In rated battleground, for example, the leader will say: Now we go on the fire mage! Click the fire mage on your list and you have him targeted, etc.

Very good add-on that I will warmly recommend. You can download this add-on from curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/battlegroundtargets


MikScrollingBattleText : This is a replacement for Blizzard’s Floating Combat Text and Damage output. All notifications and damage are much more obvious and readable. You can customize everything: position, size, animation style, enabled state, font style, font size… everything.

Everything is customizable, you can add different sounds when your health or mana is below a level you have defined or when special things happen. Good add-on which is very easy to customize. You can download it from Curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/mik-scrolling-battle-text

Spy: This add-on saved my butt many times. It is not very known. It is an add-on which scans for enemy players and announce their presence when they are detected.

By scanning the ability used, it will try to guess the class and level of the player (I never saw it make a mistake). 


If a player stealthes or vanishes, it will also warn you: player xxx – level xx rogue – stealthed at coordinates xx xx.

You can add a KoS-list (Kill on Sight) for players that you know are dangerous or gankers. The sound and window which will appear will be different, then.

You also have an ignore list. You can put enemy players that you know aren’t ganker and are just interested in questing and will not attack you, so you don’t get warned of their presence.

Announcement on enemy players can be shared with guild, group, raid-group, local defense or just yourself.
A must for people playing on a PvP-realm. You can download Spy on Curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/spy

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