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My rating: 2 stars – Website reviewed: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

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Did you ever want more gold in World of Warcraft?

Maybe to buy that caravan mount, or the bejeweled onyx panther? Or that cute level 25 blue battle-pet?

Or maybe you just want to be able to fly as fast as possible…

Everything in WoW cost gold. And lots of it. So you’re in constant need of making money. And that can feel rather stressful sometimes.

You probably know a friend or two who are great at making gold. My dwarf friend told me recently that he now had reached his 60K pool again.

But when you ask them how they do, you either get a vague answer like “I just buy and sell stuff” or they’ll tell you that they had plenty of luck with a specific item they were crafting.

Luckily for the rest of us, then, there are gold guides, and since I started playing WoW in 2008, I’ve been through a lot of them.

One of the guides I bought in 2010 has been updated since, and it’s totally up to date now for patch 5.3 in Mists of Pandaria. It’s Hayden Hawke’s “Secret Gold Guide”, and here you can read what’s good and bad about it.

Secret Gold Guide in Ten Modules

After you’ve purchased this gold guide, you can log into a members area and get access to the main gold guide as well as the first month’s membership of Hayden’s V.I.P. Area.

You can either read the modules in your browser, or download the full guide in PDF format.

The first of these modules isn’t mentioned on the sales page, but it covers the basics.

That module contains good advice which will make it easier for you to make gold as fast as possible.

Secret gold guide 1

Module 1 covers the addons you need. Even though I’ve been making gold in WoW since the dawn of time, she mentioned addons I had never heard about, but which play a huge part of my gold-making today.

She goes over the basic functions and set ups of one of those addons, but this isn’t thorough enough. I needed more information. Scorpyo found some videos made by a lady with a very annoying voice, and they helped me, although I couldn’t stand watching more than one video at a time. Anyway…

What surprised me more than learning about an addon I didn’t know, was that she taught me something about an addon I’ve been using for years, without having the faintest idea about its full potential.

That tip alone was worth the price of the whole guide for me.

It has speeded up my gold-making time as well as leveling up gathering professions for my lower levels. “Awesome” doesn’t cover it!

She also mentioned an online tool I didn’t know, and that is very helpful when it comes to knowing which items to craft for a profit on your realm.

Hayden Hawke goes on to talk about how to get the most out of the auction house, your crafting and gathering, and even how you can make tons of gold before level 90 (or max level).

In her final module, “Making Gold for Fun and Profit”, she mentions “begging” as a way to make gold. She had that part in her guide from 2010 as well, and I didn’t like it back then. I still don’t.

By the way, I haven’t seen a beggar for a while in WoW. Have you?

Conclusion: This is the best of the gold guides I’ve been using.

It has flaws, of course, like the addon that wasn’t thoroughly explained, but you can easily compensate for that by finding free YouTube tutorials.

The price is right, I think. You learn a lot of things that will make it more fun and much faster to make gold in WoW.

So I’ll give it 5/5 stars.

Get it here ==> Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

Secret gold guide2

What Does the V.I.P. Area Contain?

Well, that can be both good and bad. It can be very good, if you’re prepared.You know how things change very fast in WoW, right?

Inside the V.I.P Area, you get updated tips all the time. It seems that Hayden is writing new tips weekly or at least twice a months.

Besides those updates and new tips, you also get access to a growing number of bonus guides.

As a member, you can comment on these posts and either add to the content with your own tips, or ask questions about it.

When we took a first look at this Secret Gold Guide, I believe that the V.I.P. membership costed $19.99 per month, but I’m not sure. Now it’s down to $7.95, a price I’m willing to pay for the extra things I get here.

Click here to get access to ==> Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide

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