Twinking Your Bank Alt – A Day in the Life of an AH Char

Shorel 2010 09 28

Wouldn’t it be funny if you could take your level 1 bank alt a little outside the city and beat the living daylight out of an arrogant level 10 player?

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That is in fact possible, if you twink your AH char.

Those level 1 twinks used to be more powerful earlier. Nowadays, there are more limitations to what gear they can use and the abilities a level 1 have.

You have to plan this well from the beginning, and it will be very helpful if you know a mage with portals to the main cities.

Best Race for a Level 1 Twink

You should look at the different racial traits, before you create your new bank alt/twink.

Within the Alliance, the Human are probably the best, since they have “Every Man for Himself”, which leaves you with two free slots for trinkets.

Within the Horde, Tauren and Blood elf twinks are popular because of the Tauren War Stomp to stun, and the Blood elf Arcane Torrent to silence and gain energy.

Which Is the Best Level 1 Class for a Twink?

Of course, this depends on whether you want to do melee fights, ranged fights or to be a caster.

The best melee class is probably still the rogue who has the possibility of getting the highest DPS.

A good ranged class is the hunter, since you get your pet already at level 1 now.

If you prefer spell casting, you should either go mage or warlock. The latter because of his pet, which you get at level 1 now.

You can compare all the classes and the racial traits with the help of this site. 

Stop Your Leveling

You’ll get to level 2 very fast, so you might need help to get to either Orgrimmar or Stormwind. You can go there yourself, but be very careful not to explore more than necessarily, and not to kill any mobs.

If your level 1 is horde, you need to find Slahtz in the Hall of the Brave in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honor.

If your level 1 is alliance, you should get to Behsten in the Stormwind Keep.

And then you have to pay this NPC 10 gold to stop your leveling.

What Gear Should You Get?

There used to be great gear for level 1 chars. Gear that had an ilvl of 32 and 40, so you could give it powerful enchants. Not so anymore.

Of course, you could always get heirlooms, but that’s not really fitting with the spirit of twinking.

You can buy some of the gear from vendors, while others have to be crafted, or even obtained as loot. It’s all part of the fun, though.

Give Your AH Char Enchants for the Win

Since most of your gear will have an ilvl of 1, there aren’t that many powerful enchants to get.

But make sure you enchant every part of your gear which is enchantable.

(Hint to enchanters: It might pay off to make scrolls with these enchants and sell them for high prices in AH, since these can be used by non-twinks, too, for heirlooms.)

You can find a lot of advices about enchants and gear on:

And Now Go Back and Make Some Money, Will You?

Remember: The most important role of an AH char is to make you money in the Auction House.

After you’ve had your fun, go back and do your duty. You’ll need the gold, because creating a level 1 twink is not cheap.

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