How to Obtain the Rare Jubling Frog Companion Pet in WoW

jubling frog petIf you’re collecting pets in World of Warcraft, either for fun or the achievements, you definitely should get this rare Jubling Frog.

It’s cute; it catches flies and jumps – and you can almost acquire it for free.

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Darkmoon Faire

Keep an eye on your calendar. Once a month, you can go to the Darkmoon Faire. Its location is in Goldshire and in Mulgore. You can talk to a Darkmoon Faire Mage in any capital city and she will teleport you to the entrance for a small fee.

A little orc boy is running around at the faire. You can see him run close to Chronos. Chronos is an undead quest giver behind the big tent who gives the first aid quest (Putting the Carnies Back Together Again)  and, if you can stop him, you can buy one or two frogs from him. Not the Jubling Frog, though.

In order to obtain this frog, you have to finish a quest…. a quest that starts a long way from Darkmoon Faire.

Get Dark Iron Ale Mugs

To finish the quest that will eventually reward you with the Jubling Frog, you need at least two Dark Iron Ale Mugs. And there only are two places from where you can acquire them.

The easiest, but most expensive, is to obtain them from the Auction House. In times of the Darkmoon Faire, they will cost you several gold coins apiece.

It’s cheaper to get them yourself – but it takes more time.

You can buy them from a vendor in the Grim Guzzler, the cozy bar in the middle of Blackrock Mountains, in the dungeon Blackrock Depths.

Not everybody can visit this bar. You have to be at a certain level, or else you will not even be allowed to enter.

But should you reach the bar, contact Plugger Spazzring. He’s a goblin with a red hat, and you can purchase up to 10 Dark Iron Ale Mugs from him. Purchase as many as you are able, as you can always sell the superfluous ones in the Auction House.

Find Morja

Morja is a female orc, standing in the back of the Darkmoon Faire. She is facing Chronos and she is between some of the carnies you have to bandage. She’s a bit sad, because her pet frog, JubJub, has run away.

Now, this frog loves Dark Iron Ale. So target Morja, and then right click on your Dark Iron Ale Mug to offer her a glass.

This will attract JubJub, and Morja will be so happy that she will then offer you a quest. When you see the blue question mark above her head, click on Morja, and finish the quest by giving her a second Dark Iron Ale Mug.

Morja will then reward you with an un-hatched egg (the Unhatched Jubling Egg) and, after seven days, you’ll receive a Jubling’s Tiny Home.

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