How to Get Your PvP Gear Fast

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Much too many players still go in battleground with PvE gear on and they still believe that PvE gear is the way to go in PvP.

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Well, bad news, it is not always so! iLevel doesn’t do it for skills anyway, and  I can assure you, that in battlegrounds and rated battlegrounds, it is not the case. You will penalize your team by wearing exclusively PvE gear.

There is now, place for a bit of PvE gear in battleground, but very little and even though there is now a base resilience of 65%, some players (for example paladins or any other tank) will have a big advantage in keeping stacking resilience. Now more than ever. Same thing with healers.

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to get conquest gear or honor gear very quick. You can be full geared in a couple of days. Here is how:

  • The PvP-quests in Grizzly Hills (I wrote about them here) will give you at least 200 honor a day.
  • The PvP-quests in Isle of Thunder give you 525 honor and 50 conquest points a day.
  • The rares in Krasarang Wilds give you each 275 honor points (if you have a battle standard, remember to use it while killing rares, you will then get 313 honor — including guild perk).
  • The weekly quests in Tol Barad and in Wintergrasp will give you around 1,000 honor each (including the battleground).
  • If you had some Justice points (if you eventually soloed some lvl 80 dungeons) you can transform them into honor points in Stormwind or in Orgrimmar (500 justice points give you 250 honor points).
  • Remember that if you buy conquest gear, that is (at least and depending of what you buy) 1250 honor points you can use on something else.
  • Just by doing that, in no time, you will be with five pieces of 522 pvP gear and one piece of 550 without getting farmed in weeks in battlegrounds.
  • If you can’t buy the weapon at first, that is fine, you can start with PvE weapon. Some of them, that you just can buy in AH are very powerful.
  • Last but not least, you can buy craftable level 458 PvP gear (Dreadful Gladiator set) or 496 PvP gear (Malevolent Gladiator set) in AH if you still need a couple of pieces. 

So few excuses to show up in quest greens in battlegrounds, right?

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