Monkey Run


Even though Blizzard has cut 30% of the necessary XP’s on Pandaria, leveling is still a bit of a pain, especially the last couple of levels (roughly from level 88 to 90 are still very slow).

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One way to speed things up is to have a couple of so called “Monkey Runs”. You might have heard of them or seen announcement in the trade channel.

What are these “Monkey runs”?

Very easy, it is a seven steps program:

  1. Find a good group and make sure the dps is good.
  2. Queue up for the instance: Stormstout Brewery.
  3. Once in the instance have your tank pull all the mobs from the front of the instance to the room just before the first boss.
  4. Have two of your dps run into the first bosses room and pull all the mobs a mage and hunter works best for this because they can pull and run away fast enough without dying.
  5. Bring all the mobs they pulled back into the room just before the first boss and AoE them down.
  6. Once all the mobs are dead leave instance group, requeue and run it again.
  7. Just rinse and repeat. It is easy and if you are good you can get the run done in about two minutes or so. 

You have to use the Looking for Dungeon ability to avoid lockout.

Generally, this method takes three to four minutes from start to finish and in average, it will take you a bit more than one hour and a half to make a level.

Please note that even though it only takes 90, 100 minutes to do one level, it is still very, very boring.

Here is a video of a monkey run 

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