A Guild for Your Bank Alt – A Day in the Life of an AH Char


Could your bank alt be a guild master?

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Yes, why not? But not for a traditional guild as you know them.

Most guilds have several members. They are meant for social events, sharing things, sharing experiences, and sharing the pain of doing raids. Oh, and for the fun of doing battlegrounds and other PvP.

This is not what I have in mind for your level 1 AH char, not even if she’s twinked.

No, I was thinking a guild for your bank alt all alone.

The great thing about a guild is its bank capacity. Your guild can have up to 8 bank tabs with each 98 slots. That could mean a total of 784 slots plus the AH char’s own bank slots of course.

That’s a lot of space to store cloth, minerals and goods in.

You could of course create the guild yourself, level it up to level 5 to be able to buy the 7th tab, and maybe even get members in the guild and aim for the Stay Classy guild achievement and buy the 8th tab, but that would be a lot of hard work.

It’s much easier to snatch up a low-priced guild from somebody who’s grown tired of being a guild master, maybe the members have left, or they are leaving WoW, moving to another server and don’t want to pay for guild transfer… Anyway, there are guilds for sale all the time.

If you don’t want to buy an existing guild, you can buy your way the first six tabs without problems – other than making the gold.

The prices are:

Tab Price in gold Total price
1 100 100
2 250 350
3 500 850
4 1000 1850
5 2500 4350
6 5000 9350
7 10000 19350
8 20000 39350

From the above table, you can easily see if you’re making a bargain, when you buy a guild from someone. If he wants less than you should pay for the number of bank tabs he offers, then it’s a good deal.

Now, go make some gold or something… You’ll need it for your guild.

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