Meet Your Pals at WoWTwitter

Maybe you’re already familiar with Twitter? It’s a nice place to meet people, you already know, and get to know new friends and connections. But if you would like to use your own World of Warcraft characters, WoWTwitter is the place.

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It’s free to join. You just have to go to

Choose your realm and your character, and then you have to prove it’s your character by removing an item. I was told to remove whatever I had on my wrist. So I logged into WoW, removed my wrist item, and logged out again.


Just like on Twitter, you can now send out tweets, and read either everybody’s tweets, or the friends you’re following.


Will it catch on as much as the real Twitter?

No, I don’t think so, unless they change the interface. I found it a bit confusing that I see everybody’s tweets and not just friends, and I love my stand-alone user-interface for the real Twitter. But who knows? You could go and take a look. Maybe you find it easier to navigate on this site than I did.

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