Make Gold as a Tailor

Bags in AH

You can make gold with any profession in World of Warcraft. But it is correct that sometimes, you have to think a bit out of the box. One of the thing that hinders some people in making gold is that they are a bit stiff when it comes to professions and gold making.

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Because one method works well at a time, or on a realm, it doesn’t mean it will work all the time or on every realm.

You have to learn to be adaptive. In this post, I will give a couple of tips with the tailoring profession and how to make gold with it. 
Now, the primary source of income as a tailor is to make bags and some bags are better to make than others.

– Netherweave bags: Easy and cheap to make, but often and on most realms, the competition is very tough on those, so you might earn more by just selling the netherweave cloth and let other make the bags.

– Frostweave bags: They sell very well, in fact, and proportionnaly, they are (most of the time) a better source of income than netherweave bags. The only problem is to farm frostweave. The most common place is the converted heroes on Icecrown, but there is a tough competition there, and if you are on a PvP realm, it can easily become a pain. The best method is to take a level 90 and run heroic Pit of Saron 4 or 5 times. You’ll get a lot of frostweave and enough greens to disenchant to make many frostweave bags. No competition there.

– Embersilk bags: They are very good and very nice but, here again, people don’t think alternative enough. If you check the net about where to farm Embersilk, the answer will most likely be in Deepholm. Well, there are better places: Take a couple of potion of treasure finding (remember this when you are out farming) and go on the restless spirits in Tol Barad. In no time, you will have enough to make four or five bags which sell for a pretty good penny!

Bolt of Windwool

Then you have the more specialized bags: Enchanting bags, jewelry bags, etc. You will have to check with your server if they are worth the work. It is not always worth it.

Besides that, you have the PvP-gear which now is craftable. Remember to put the price right. It is interesting for new level 90s but don’t sell it too expensive. If the price is right, you will sell. Too often, people sell much too high, it keeps the customer away. Don’t be too greedy.

You can have an okay margin on pvp crafted helmet, chest, legs and shoulders and a thinner margin for crafted pvp cloaks, bracers and boots. Don’t sell all these things at the same price. Especially since some of it need 6 bolts of Windwool cloth, some other 5 and some only 4. Stay fair in business.

Then you have the 522 items, that you can craft with haunted spirits. Most places, haunted spirits have fallen terribly much in price. On some of the server I play on, they have gone from 11,000 gold a piece to 6,000 gold a piece. But since you need between 6 and 8 of them, it is something of a risk to take.

The technic you will want to use is the following:

– Buy the Haunted Spirits when they are very cheap.
– When you have 6 or 8 or enough to make gear, do NOT make the gear.
– Announce in /trade that you are selling this or that (whatever you can make) and give a price. In short, find your buyer before you craft the gear or you will take the risk of making some gear that will go back and forth from AH to your bags for ages before you end up selling it with a loss just to avoid to see it.

Besides, some smart buyers will wait, will see that you can’t sell it and, after a while, will offer you a ridiculous amount to buy your crafted gear and you might sell it for a big loss. So find your buyer first.

Of course, there is more to say about tailoring: You can buy low level cloth, make low level items, disenchant them and sell whatever comes out of it, and many other things (that can be done with other professions).

You can use this advice with other professions too, but I will make a post for each profession with small pieces of advice.
This was tailoring, then 🙂 Have fun and make a lot of gold!

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