More Effective Fighting Thanks to “TellMeWhen”


When you read tips about healing or fighting, you often see mentioned that you should keep “slice-and-dice” up, if you’re a rogue, or keep a healing over time on the tank or yourself, if you’re a healer.

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So if you’re anything like me, you refresh the HoT or the DoT, even though it was still on… And that’s a waste, because you could have used that time, energy or mana to do something better to hit or heal.

Or you’ve noticed that when a spell has stacked 3 or 5 times, then something good happened. But you’re not always prepared and lose valuable split seconds for that reason.

Or as a rogue, you fight 34 minutes, not quite understanding why the mobs die so slowly. Suddenly you discover that there are no more poison on your blades.

The add-on “TellMeWhen” can help you in these situations and probably many others, I haven’t thought of.

The simplest way to get and install the plugin is by using Curse Client and search for “TellMeWhen”.

Restart the game after you’ve installed it, and you’ll see the outline of four boxes on your screen. This only happens the first time, you play with a character, after you’ve installed the plugin.

You can get back to this setting mode by typing “/tmw” in the chat box.


When you mouse-over the four frames, a tooltip will show up and tell you that you can right-click to set options for each frame. Shift-right-click to copy or move an icon. Or Drag spells or items into the frame for an easy set up.

For my rogue, I dragged Slice and Dice (SND) into an empty frame, but you can also right-click and do it all manually.

Now, I want to be warned when SND is not up, but only when it’s relavant, which means when I’m fighting.

To make sure this happens, you should right-click on the icon, and check that it says “Buff/Debuff” at the top.

Check “Hide if no units”.

Check “Absent”.

Click on the Conditions tab at the bottom, and click on + to add a condition.

You want the Unit attributes to be Unit in combat, and also set Unit to be Player.

Save it all by hitting Okay, and then it’s time to test.

I use the same method for my DK’s Horn of Winter.

And for my rogue, I check for poison on blades in a similar manner (main hand with several poisons, off hand with several other poisons), and for my DK, I also check how many times Shadow Infusion is stacking. That way, I’m always prepared to transform my ghoul when I hit 5 stacks.

You can import and export your configurations.

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