Woof! Woof!


Do you use the trade channel a lot? Are you tired of repeating the same thing or having to use a macro, make new macros or press <arrow up> and <ALT>?

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Well, in this case, Woof is the add-on for you.

You can download this add on from curse.com. This add-on is ridiculously simple to use.

All you have to do is to start Woff (type /wf to show the Woof panel) and then you can just drop the item you want to announce in the window, set a price and a message and then just use Bark to spam (not too much!) the trade channel.

You can of course first click on test to preview you message.

Woof can, of course, remember the price of the items you have barked about before. You can drop and bark anything you have barked about in the past, and here it is.

As easy as drag, drop, bark. A must if you are fan of the trade channel.

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