Get the Firefly Pet

Firefly v6052

If you are a pet collector, you might be interested in the Firefly Pet.

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It is a very cute pet, that you can find in Zangramarsh, on Outland.

It is a very easy pet to farm… if you are patient.


Easy, because the only thing to do is to kill Bogflare Needlers. One of them will eventually drop the pet.

Patient, because the drop rate is outrageous. Most people get it around the 1,000th kill. So you’d better arm yourself with patience, go to the northern Zangarmarsh and start killing Bogflare Needlers.

Now, if you are good at making gold, it might be a better bargain to spend 5,000 or 6,000 on AH and just buy it there. Sometimes, it is better to let others do the mindless farming and be “farming gold” in the meantime?


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