Five Newbie Tips

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We all have been newbies sometimes, or “noob” as the pejorative version is. Nim and I still remember how we wiped on Hogger back then, when he had 666 health and when I sold all my hard-picked flowers to… vendor! The first time I got one gold, it was almost an achievement for me. It took me a while, back then… So, if you are starting World of Warcraft, if you are newbie, or just if you want some advices to get a good start and to avoid some of the surprise I had, read on! (If you are not newbie, you can read them too… never know! I won’t tell a soul anyway!) 

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There will be more than these five advices coming, because there is a lot more than that, but I want to keep it short, so I will send five at the time. 

Five Advices for newbies:

1. Try a hunter first: .You have a pet to help you from level 1. They are pretty fun (and easy) to play and they have a VERY descent DPS (Damage Per Second). This way, even though you drop your hunter to level some other class, you can easier concentrate on different aspects of the game instead of concentrate on surviving the fight (NO, I did NOT say that hunters were noobs! Now, let’s move on, will you?) 

2. Never be afraid of looking stuff up on sites like or (especially if you have problems with quests) These are bibles used by newbies and by every player who has problems with a quest or with an item.

3. Level herbalism, alchemy, first aid and cooking: Herbalism gives you heal and haste, alchemy gives you almost unlimited potions and flasks, which is great, cooking gives you unlimited buffs and first aid… well, that is extra healing.

4. When questing, prioritize yellow quests: Green quests are easy but don’t give many experience points. Red quests can be too challenging, and you might waste time healing yourself between mobs or running back and forth from the graveyard.

5. Go to the Darkmoon Faire: Every four or five weeks, there is Darkmoon Faire. Go there, take all the leveling quests to get experience points, remember to take the profession quests, that give you +5 skills in your profession (you need to have the professions at level 75 first).

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