Farming Volatile Air – Get 20-30 in One Run


Farming Volatile air can be a tedious task. You can go to Uldum and kill Scion of Al’Akir forever and not get a single Volatile air. 

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Or you can run around and search for Sweeping Winds in the deserts of Uldum. They are scattered thin over the area, so finding them will take more time than killing them at level 90. 

So what to do if you need those Volatile air, either to make gold with by selling it, or to make Truegold with for your Sandstone Drake? 

Well, my friend Sothalis found a solution.

He told me one day that Vortex Pinnacle was an awesome place to farm Volatile air. He would get 20-30 in one run, and as an extra bonus, you could be lucky and see the Reins of the Drake of the North Wind drop from Altairus.

And you don’t have to go further than Altairus, because there are no Volatile air drop after him.

Kill him, jump from the ledge, and teleport back to the beginning.

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