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My rating: 5 stars – Website reviewed:’s World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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I came to this guide because I am a member of the Stormspire-forum, which is a forum related to different add-ons I am using and in which, members are discussing gold-making. 

I was so satisfied with the forum, that I wanted to support them and this was a way to do it. 

The guide is coming with a premium subscription to the forum. The guide in itself, at the moment, costs $27 and $10 quarterly until you choose to cancel your subscription (which is easily done through PayPal). 

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For this price, you get the guide, a special title, a personal and nice avatar, ad-free forums, exclusive threads (not available to public members, they get eventually moved there later on, but you have first sight), possibility of direct chat with developers and other members, alpha access to new add-ons and projects and a private forum where you can speak to the so called “Wind Traders” (writers of the guide, experts, etc.) without your post getting public. Very cool if you don’t want everyone to know about your methods.

All in all, a pretty all round product.

Now, what about the guide in itself. Let’s say that you want to buy the guide (you get the first three months of premium membership for free) and nothing else. Is it $27 dollars worth?

The guide is pretty huge, a bit more than 230 pages and contains links to articles, which go deeper into different areas, so, in fact, it is much bigger than the 230 pages.

It is written by different contributors. It is not one writer, but many who have worked on this guide. Nevertheless, there is a good continuity in the guide. If you didn’t know (it is said from the start), that there were several writers, you wouldn’t notice.

The guide is up to date with patch 5.2 but they have kept some old advices. It looks like, at each revision, each contributor checks his/her articles and adapts it. That might be a good thing because there is always gold to be made in old recipes, sometimes even much gold, since there are low competition and high need, especially since people still are leveling alts. Just remember that it doesn’t have the same success on every realms. It might work extremely well on some realms, and very bad on others. It depends on population, about if it is PvE or PvP realms and many other things. So you will have to take the risk on this one (the worse thing, that may happen is, that you don’t make as much virtual gold as you wished, and that is no big catastrophe).

The guide is optimized for gold making, meaning that not only do you have clear and direct advices (like, make this kind of gems, don’t make this kind of gems), which might or might not work and some ideas about how to optimize your professions and make the most out of them.

But you also learn method and principles that you can adapt to your needs and server. These will demand from you, that you think and adapt the advice yourself. So you have two gold guides in one.

You will learn all the basics: shuffling, principles of return on investment, cross faction, what to do, what to avoid, etc.

Beside the advices, which are well categorized and easy to find your way through, there isn’t one, but two professions leveling guides.

You know, when you are leveling an alt, or if you want to change profession at level 80, 85, 90… Then it is easier to know what you need of the materials and what to make to level up your profession as fast as possible.

In the book, you will find the guide of how to level up every profession (except from the secondary professions) from 1-600 and a couple of “profitable leveling guides”. Here is the explanation from the guide itself:

Players often use profession leveling guides in an attempt to reduce the cost of leveling professions. In some cases, professions can be leveled, for the most part, using profitable recipes, so that the end result is a net profit! Using this method increases the up-front investment significantly, but said investment should be covered by the sale of crafts en-route to 600.

Profitable leveling is absolutely viable for Blacksmithing, Enchanting and Jewelcrafting, for which specific guides can be found below. Other professions have yet to be covered, as they do not offer many profitable crafts in the lower ranges.

I haven’t tested it yet, but I just might: I need a blacksmith, since it is a profession, I hate leveling.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this guide that I have on both my computer and my tablet, so I always, very quickly can check it out. If I have questions or if I need idea, I visit the forum which is very well-made and contains a lot of advices.

If a guide is close to perfection, it is this one.

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