Routes Add-On


If you are a gatherer and use some time farming, mining, picking flowers, etc. You might want this add-on. 

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You can download it from curse. It will need Tom Tom and you might need gathermate if you want some automation. 

With this add-on, you can create your own farming routes: the add-on will remember where you gathered what and when it is done, you can save it. 

Next time you need to gather ores or herbs, archeology or fish from a special area, you can just pull the route up and follow it. 

The add-on gives you the possibilities to avoid certain parts of your gathering route (called the “taboo zone”). That can be handy if you are gathering in an area where you know there is too much competition or too much ganking going on.

If you prefer to use routes which already exists, you can either use the one which are built into the add-on (but then, you will need gathermate) and those might need some tweaking. The “raw” route will be in up and downs and around and… Well… Almost impossible to find a way around.

You will need to go to the ‘Optimize Route’ tab and to use the ‘Cluster’ button to make the route more reasonable. Try the different settings. Generally, a setting of 200 is fine.

When this is done, if it isn’t enough (it will rarely be enough), you can just go check ‘Extra Optimization’ and then click the ‘Foreground’ button.

If your computer is very old or a bit too light to handle this, you might not be able to push the ‘Foreground’ button, which will be grayed, but only the ‘Background’ button which is fine too. Just be sure to do it in an unpopulated area. Orgrimmar or Stormwind or any highly populated area of players or mobs could cause a disconnect.

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