Easy Cross Faction Trading

Laylael waterlogged

Cross faction deals can make you a lot of gold. But maybe you’ve wondered how you could get goods from one faction to the other? 

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Since you cannot mail items from Horde to Alliance or the other way around, and since the auction houses are either for Alliance or Horde, not both, you have to use the neutral auction houses. 

That used to take a lot of work, because there are only three neutral auction houses, and you don’t exactly find them in the low-level areas.

These three are in Gadgetzan, Booty Bay and Everlook.

I’ve once leveled up a blood elf to level 10 or so, and run all over the country and swim to Ratchet, from where she could sail to Booty Bay. That took time, I can assure you.

Luckily, you don’t have to do that today, when you know this little trick that I’m going to share with you in a moment.

In the Goblin starting area, they sell some white gear that you can use from level 1. It’s some of the best stats for a level 1 twink, and it looks gorgeous on you bank alt, too.

The problem with it is that you can only get it on an island that’s reserved for low-leveled goblins. And those same goblins cannot leave the area before much later, when they’ve finished the quest chain in there.

So what does a gold-hungering goblin do, when she’s only level 5?

She teams up with a good alliance friend, or gets a second account, and start the WoW Armary app on her tablet or phone.

From that application it’s possible to buy and sell on the auction house – even on the neutral auction house. So our level 5 goblin can buy Waterlogged gear from the vendor, sell it for next to nothing to her friend through the neutral auction house, and now the friend can either sell it on the normal auction house or send it to miss Goblin’s main character.

That will work for all items you want to do cross faction trading with, like rare recipes, etc.

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