What About Earning 1,000 Gold in 3 Minutes?

When people want to make gold, they generally think big or go mining for hours or so. It is a way to do it, but not the only way to do it. 

Since my AH characters are level one, and since I like challenges, well, I want also to make them work and get gold without doing much. 

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In fact, with an investment of around 7 gold, without leaving Ironforge, you can make around 1,000 gold in a few minutes.

All you have to do is to go around Ironforge, buy some of the rare supplies and sell them in AH. Your income will depend on the realm, of course, of the market on your realm, of the competition and of how many of these limited supplies you can put your hands on. Since the limited supplies are… limited, it means that they might not be available from the vendor at the moment you want to buy them.

Do you feel lucky?

Well, here is the route with the stops and below the map, you can see what to buy where, for how much and how much to sell it for. Please note that prices are depending on many things on your realm, so they might not match, and you might have to undercut a lot. And well… If you really don’t sell anything at all, you will have lost 5 minutes and 7 gold. No big deal, uh? (There is a route like that for Horde and I will write about it a bit later )



Thistlefuzz Arcanery

Tilli Thistlefuzz
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon – Lesser Intellect: Buy: 4s 25c – Sell: 110-150g
Formula: Lesser Wizard Oil – Buy: 34s – Sell: 15-20g
Formula: Minor Mana Oil] – Buy: 25s 50c – Sell: 5-10g
Formula: Minor Wizard Oil – Buy: 4s 25c – Sell: 10-15g
Pattern: Enchanted Mageweave Pouch – Buy: 51s – Sell: 2-5g

The Bronze Kettle

Emrul Riknussun
Recipe: Sagefish Delight – Buy: 40s – Sell: 5-10g
Recipe: Smoked Sagefish – Buy: 4s – Sell: 2-4g

Burbik’s Supplies

Burbik Gearspanner
Design: The Jade Eye – Buy: 21s 25c – Sell: 40-50g
Design: Opal Necklace of Impact – Buy: 63s – Sell: 50-70g

Stonebrow’s Clothies

Outfitter Eric < Specialty Tailoring Supplies>
Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket – Buy: 42s 50c – Sell: 20-40g
Pattern: Lavender Mageweave Shirt – Buy: 34s – Sell: 60-70g
Pattern: Pink Mageweave Shirt – Buy: 34s – Sell: 90-100g
Pattern: Tuxedo Pants – Buy: 38s 25c – Sell: 60-70g
Pattern: Tuxedo Shirt – Buy: 38s 25c – Sell: 20-40g

Finespindle’s Leather Goods

Bombus Finespindle
Pattern: Heavy Leather Ball – Buy: 16s – Sell: 50-100g

Things That Go Boom

Fizzlebang Booms
Red Fireworks Rocket – Buy: 85s – Sell: 3-4g

Berryfizz’s Potions and Mixed Drinks

Soolie Berryfizz
Recipe: Elixir of Superior Defense – Buy: 1g 30s – Sell: 80-100g
Recipe: Free Action Potion – Buy: 18s – Sell: 200-300g (yes! It is used a lot for twinks and pvp)

Springspindle’s Gadgets

Gearcutter Cogspinner

Schematic: Blue Firework – Buy: 15s 30c – Sell: 60-70g
Schematic: Gnomish Universal Remote – Buy: 10s 20c – Sell: 80-90g

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