WoW Gold Tip – Buy for 4 Gold – Sell for 24 Gold

One of my best friend’s chars has herbalism as one of her main professions, and she had picked 2 flowers in Wintergrasp and kept them in the bank. Later she bought another one of these flowers for 4 gold in Darkmoon Faire. Her plan was to mill them when she had 5.

But then she discovered something both alarming and exciting.

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By taking a closer look at these flowers, she found they they couldn’t be milled.

So she sold them in AH – 3 flowers for 72 Gold.

The flower in question is the Frost Lotus, and it can be picked in Wintergrasp (105% drop), and elsewhere in Northrend (5% drop) among other flowers.

But even if you don’t have herbalism, you can get the flower in a Darkmoon Faire.

Just wait til after the fair, before you put the flower in AH.

Will the price always be 24 gold? No. It depends like every other thing in economics of how many there are for sale, and how many is needed. So check your realm’s AH to find the most appropriate price at that exact moment.

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