Go Around Thunder Bluff and Earn 1,000 Gold

It is not only Alliance which has a supply route. Horde has it too. Best is Thunderbluff. Here too, you can just go around, buy some limited supplies at the vendor and sell them expensive on the AH. Not too expensive, otherwise, you will not sell. As a rule of thumb: Never be too greedy. Always be fair.

Here is the route. I put the name of the vendor, the place and the price I will recommand you to use when you sell. Please note that 1) Since these things are limited supplies, the vendor might not have when you pass by and 2) the AH price I give are indicative, they might be lower (rarely higher) on your realm. It depends on how many there are, how interested people are in them, how many competitors you have and how big the population on your server are… Lot of things go into play. If you buy all the things in the list, you are going to spend about 70g (but only 7g if you don’t buy the bags), so even though you might not sell everything (at once), it is not the end of the world.

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You will not sell everything and it might take a week or so before some of the things get sold. Be patient.

Now, let’s see the route:



1. Shadi Mistrunner
Design: Opal Necklace of Impact – Purchase: 75s, Sell: 50g.
Blacksmith Hammer – Purchase: 18c, Sell: 10g.
Skinning Knife – Purchase: 82c, Sell: 10g.

2. Pakwa
The bags are expensive. Check the market before you buy or, if you don’t have much gold, just skip it. There is plenty of gold to earn from the other vendors anyway.

Enchanter’s Satchel – Purchase: 14g, Sell: 30g.
Gem Pouch – Purchase: 12g, Sell: 30g.
Heavy Toolbox – Purchase: 14g, Sell: 30g.
Mining Sack – Purchase: 10g, Sell: 30g.
Thick Hide Pack – Purchase: 12g, Sell: 20g. (Since these bags are in competition with Netherweave bags, check the market first).

3. Palehoof’s Big Bag of Parts
Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller – Purchase: 80s, Sell: 50g.

4. Kurm Stonehoof
Coal – Purchase: 5s, Sell: 2g. (buy and sell it in bunch of 5, it looks more natural).
Jeweler’s Kit – Purchase: 8s, Sell: 10g.
Mining Pick – Purchase: 81c, Sell: 10g.

5. Mertle Murkpen
Vanishing Powder(stack of 5) – Purchase: 40s, Sell: 5g.
Virtuoso Inking Set – Purchase: 7s50c, Sell: 10g.

6. Mahu
Pattern: Orange Martial Shirt – Purchase: 30s, Sell: 50g.
Pattern: Red Linen Bag – Purchase: 2s, Sell: 50g.
Pattern: Red Woolen Bag – Purchase: 5s, Sell: 50g.
Pattern: White Wedding Dress – Purchase: 1g, Sell: 50g.
Rune Thread – Purchase: 50s, Sell: 5g. (again, I would consider buying 10 or 20 at a time)

7. Nata Dawnstrider
Formula: Enchant Boots – Minor Agility – Purchase: 10s, Sell: 50g.
Copper Rod – Purchase: 1s24c, Sell: 10g.
Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon РLesser Intellect РPurchase: 5s, Sell: 50g.
Pattern: Enchanted Mageweave Pouch – Purchase: 60s, Sell: 50g.
Simple Wood – Purchase: 38c, Sell: 2g. (I will also sell those in bunch of 5)
Star Wood – Purchase: 45s, Sell: 5g.

8. Nida Winterhoof
Beautiful Wildflowers – Purchase: 20s, Sell: 25g.
Black Rose – Purchase: 50s, Sell: 25g.
Red Rose – Purchase: 5s, Sell: 25g.
Simple Wildflowers – Purchase: 2s, Sell: 25g.

9. Naal Mistrunner
Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish – Purchase: 12s, Sell: 50g.
Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper – Purchase: 4s, Sell: 50g.
Recipe: Sagefish Delight – Purchase: 50s, Sell: 50g.
Recipe: Smoked Sagefish – Purchase: 5s, Sell: 50g.
Simple Flour(stack of 5) – Purchase: 25c, Sell: 5g.
Mild Spices(stack of 5) – Purchase: 10c, Sell: 5g.

10. Halpa
Prairie Dog Whistle – Purchase: 50s, Sell: 30g.

11. Sewa Mistrunner
Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish – Purchase: 40c, Sell: 50g.
Strong Fishing Pole – Purchase: 9s2c, Sell: 5g.

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