Send Gold from Alliance to Horde or the Other Way

Yesterday, when I was playing with one of my alliance chars, one of my oldest WoW friends asked me: I’ve created a horde char. How can I send gold to him?

I answered: You cannot directly send him gold. You cannot send gold from faction to faction. But there’s another workaround, you can use.

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Basically, you have to be two players to do this trick, or you have to have two accounts.

Let’s say that you have created a new horde char named Orcy. Your alliance chars has lots of gold, and you want to share a bit of this wealth with your horde.

First, you must send Orcy to one of the neutral auction houses in Booty Bay or Ratchet. There he can put a cheap object up for sale. Let’s say his nice lvl 1 shirt worth 1 copper. He can put it up for sale for, say, 5,000 gold.

Now, back on the alliance site, you must give one of your closest friends 5,000 gold to buy this object for, and tell him that he should buy a shirt from Orcy in a neutral AH.

One hour after the purchase, Orcy will receive his gold, minus the fee to AH (6%).

If you have two accounts, of course you don’t need a trusted friend, but can buy from Orcy with your other account.

You can only use this trick under condition that you have your ally chars and horde chars on the same realm.

If you want to transfer gold from alliance on one realm to horde on another realm, it’s more expensive. You’ll then have to transfer one of your characters to this other realm, and switch faction afterwards. Blizzard takes a fee for that (45 euro in total).

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