Get a Free (and Spooky) 16-Slots Bag in WoW

200px Gelvas Grimegate

Almost from the moment we enter Azeroth on still wobbling legs, we need more bag space. Quest items take up a lot of space, and if you gather ore, herbs or leather, then those things take up space as well. And so do healing potions, bandages, green gear, nice items, and everything else you pick up on your way.

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So one of the first words we scream out in Common or Orcish are often: “My bags are full!”

And we get more bags, and they get stuffed. So we buy larger bags, but the real big ones are also real expensive.

Lately, I discovered a medium sized bag that wasn’t expensive at all. You can actually get it for free.

Only disadvantages are that you can only carry one of these bags, and you can only get them once a month. But here we go.

Get to a Darkmoon Faire (it starts the first Sunday of each month at 0:01) and take the quest “Test Your Strength” from Kerri Hicks. She’s of course the strongest woman alive, but you can still make an impression on her by doing the quest. You can read here how to do that fast at level 90, by the way.

Once you turn in the quest, you receive 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Now head off to Gelvas Grimegate, who sells souvenirs and toys.

Buy his Darkmoon Storage Box (16 slot bag) for only 1 ticket.

Now, several people have reported strange things about the bag.

First, you can sell it back to the vendor for 2.50 gold. That’s a nice thing. If you can wait, you might even be able to sell it on the Auction House for more. Its buy-out price should be around 28 gold.

That’s not strange.

What IS strange, though, is that people have reported having sold the bag, put it in the bank, sent it to alts, vendored it and more… and the bag kept coming back to their inventory.

Spooky, eh?

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