The Perfect Leveling Spot

If you don’t use a great in-game leveling guide like Zygor Guides, you’re probably on the constant look out for leveling spots.

A good leveling spot has lots of quests, and lots of mobs with a fast respawn rate.

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Sometimes, a boost through a dungeon will do it. You get a high-level char to boost you, and you get loads of XP’s. But there are even better.

How would you like the same amount of mobs, or even more, at an unbelievable respawn rate, with NPC’s to help you killing them, and you can just farm around 1% leveling per minute, almost without having to heal yourself?

Well, I found such a spot the other day, when I was leveling my draenei DK. She was lvl 73 at the moment, but you can use this tip from around lvl 68 and probably to lvl 76-77.

Only problem is boredom. It’s almost too easy, and you don’t even stop to loot, since these mobs have no loot.

When you go to Howling Fjord, one of the first villages you see is Valgarde. Just outside the gates, there are flocks of wolves and Dragonflayer Invaders, you have to kill as one of the first quests on that place. But nobody told you to stop killing, once you’ve finished the quest. You can go on as long as you want, and just get thousands and thousands of XP.


I stayed around 15 minutes, and leveled up 15% from 73-74. Then it was simply too boring, but it’s worth spending some time there, if you are impatient and want to lvl up as fast as possible.

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