Want a Level 1 Worgen Out?

From level 1 to level 10-12, your Worgen will be contained in Gilneas. But you might want to get out of Gilneas before. At level 1 for example. Originally, that meant that since you got out of Gilneas before you got bitten you never changed into a Worgen. That meant that you could have a human druid. 

Blizzard has since patched this glitch, so bitten or not, you will change into a Worgen when in combat. They still haven’t fixed the glitches that make it possible to get a Worgen out before time and I don’t think they will do it. If people really want out before, then, let them. There are other glitches which are more important to fix.

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If you want a low level Worgen twink, it is still very possible. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

Two important things: The first thing you have to do is to destroy your hearthstone, because you will need to die and to resurrect in a close by graveyard to pass some obstacles, and this won’t work if you have a hearthstone in your bag. You will be transported to start instead of to the nearby graveyard.

So throw the hearthstone out.

Second, you will have to be in a guild which is at least level 14. Because at this level, you get “The Quick and The Dead” perk and this lets you run faster… and jump a greater distance. You will need to make a pretty big jump while dead. I don’t think you will be able to make it without this buff.

All right, now to the trick in itself:

– Go to the Military District, east, at 56.2 54.8

– When you arrive there, click on Customer Support, choose Character Stuck! and click on the button Teleport to Graveyard.

You will die

– Run to Stonewood prison in the military district at 61.1 69.2. Go up the stairs and when you are upstairs, follow the path to the next tower. There, just outside, you will see some stubs on the outside of the tower.


WoWScrnShot 081813 160239

(upstairs, head over the other tower)

WoWScrnShot 081813 160349

(stand on the stub on the right side, you are almost above your corpse) 

– Stand on the stub right outside of the tower and jump to the following one which is a bit lower. Generally, you only need to take one step, and you will stand at the extremity of the lower stub.

– Downstairs, you can see a bridge and some water and a little wall. From this stub, you have to jump so you jump over this little wall and fall into the water. You might have to try a couple of times before you succeed. You will see that the water plan is locked in. There is a fence on one side, a fence you cannot pass and then this little wall between the sidewalk and the water.

WoWScrnShot 081813 162644


– When you jump into the water, you can resurrect. Do so.

– Swim north east to 49.2 36.2 there is a gitter there too.

WoWScrnShot 081813 161650

– One more time, click on Customer Support, choose Character Stuck! and click on the button Teleport to Graveyard.

– Resurrect by the angel.

– You will be by the place by the cannons.

WoWScrnShot 081813 170004

– On top of the stairs, by the cannons, on your right side if you have the building behind you, there is a ledge. Jump down on the road between the two walls and head out and north west. There is a forest. Run towards the lighthouse.

WoWScrnShot 081813 170322

– Jump into the water and swim to the island that you will see, to 41.2 5.4. You will see the bar “fatigue” show up but don’t worry, it will disappear before you reach this little island, the lighthouse.

– From there, swim north-east toward land. You can see a rock. Swim towards the rock first, and from there, towards land.

WoWScrnShot 081813 170916

– You will arrive at a place, near a tree and a rock. You can go out of the water there.

WoWScrnShot 081813 171101

– Run behind the trees, like if you want to climb or escape. Try to go as far as you can behind the trees. Until you are stopped by an invisible wall.

– When you cannot go further, click one more time on Customer Support, choose Character Stuck! and click on the button Teleport to Graveyard.

– Now, log off and see the countdown. When the countdown says “1 second”, press the button “accept” on “resurect now”

– Log back on

– You will be teleported to the graveyard of Westfall. Resurrect by the angel.

It would be a good idea to have someone to help you out, because there are really high level mobs there (at least level 11!) and you will aggro them, and they will one-shoot you, so be prepared to rez again and again or have someone to help you getting them off your back.

Enjoy your level 1 Worgen!

WoWScrnShot 081813 172901

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