Rare Spawns of The Timeless Isle

The Timeless Isle which is a new PvE island coming with patch 5.4 is full of surprises… and of rare spawns (which, in case you kill them all, will give you the achievement “Timeless Champion”. 

The rare spawns are spawning very quick, at the opposite of other places in the game. But there are several differences other than that:

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– You can kill the same rare monster several times a day, but you will only be able to loot him once. No need to camp a spawn if you already have it.

– Some spawns will just be invisible to you when you have kill them once. So you won’t even be able to see them.

– Don’t hesitate to help other players to kill rare, whether they are from your faction or not. You will have loot and benefit of the kill anyway.

– Each rare will drop several Timeless Coins (number depends upon the difficulty to kill the rare). Those coins can be used to buy items from the vendor.

– The rare may drop very funny items, like something that changes you into a pirate, spawns a monk-guardian, etc. But I imagine, that you have guessed that the drop rate is very low.

– The rare may also drop a Timeless Stone, needed for a weekly quest.

– Some rares are bound to other rares. For instance, if you kill turtles on the beach, one of the turtles that will respawn might be a rare.

Here is a map, made by wowrarespawns, of the different rares on the island. (Click on the map to see it better).


Timeless Isle Rare Spawn Map

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