World of Warcraft Halloween Costumes

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to dress up as your favorite World of Warcraft character, you have it now. Why not get a World of Warcraft Halloween costume? I can assure you that even though you’re not shaped as a blood elf, or your ears are not as long and pretty as a night elf’s, there’s hope for you. I have just the costume you’ll need.

World of Warcraft Halloween Masks

There’s a mask for every race and then some, if you want to dress up as a WoW character. Even a murlock! Take a look at this nice collection of masks. Every one of them is clickable, so you can click on the image and find out more about the mask and or buy it:

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Worgen Halloween mask
Forsaken Halloween Mask Tauren Halloween Mask

This one will work perfectly for a Halloween Pool Party:



Costumes for Those of Us Who Don’t Look Like Blood Elves

Most of Blizzard’s races are slender and/or have plenty of muscles. Luckily, last year in December they came up with the Pandarian race.

If that looks more like your body shape, then try on this costume or the murlocks.


You need it all to fit: Swords, tabards, health potions, hearth stones… And you can get it all. Look here:



Your turn now.

Get your World of Warcraft Halloween costume, take a picture of yourself and upload it, and post it here in the comments.

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