We Don’t Need No Blood Elf Pallys

Lehiya - my Blood Elf Paladin

Today, I want to talk to you about a video which didn’t have much success and isn’t very known but, once you have seen it, you never forget it. 

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It is a video from April 2007. The Burning Crusade was about to go live and the new race, Blood Elves, were a reality. And with the Blood Elves, the paladin came to the Horde (and the Shaman, with the Draenei, came to the Alliance). 

The thing was that the Horde did NOT want neither Blood Elves, and especially not the paladin. So players made a protest video of horde marching and singing, on the melody of the Wall a song called “Another Poor Bubble Boy”.

To be honest, I think the Horde didn’t want the male Blood Elves. I don’t believe they have much against the female Blood Elves…

Soon, you too are going to sing:

We dont need no Blood Elf Pallys
We dont need no bubble boys
We’ll be better off without them

Leave the horde alone !


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