Learn Thalassian – the Language of the Blood Elves

by Nimrasil on July 16, 2010

Have you ever wondered, what it meant, when one of the high elves or blood elves said to you: “Bal’a dash, malanore” – is he insulting you? Or saying something nice?

Well, here’s your chance to learn some Thalassian. You may not be able to speak like you’ve always been living in Silvermoon, but you can make yourself understood even in the Legerdemain.

Sinu a’manore…

The best place to learn Thalassian outside Silvermoon is this site: http://www.wowwiki.com/Thalassian

You have the most used expressions as well as names and even untranslated words or phrases.

You will learn what sin’dorei is as opposed to quel’dorei. And you’ll learn about their connection, even with the night elves.

Enjoy World of Warcraft even more by learning a bit of the language. After all, it is a role playing game, isn’t it?

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